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The Story Of How We Skyrocketed To The Top Of Angie’s List In Three Categories.

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Angie's List

In late 2012, we registered as a contractor on Angie’s List. A lot of other contractors had already joined – some had even been on there for many years.

And because we didn’t have any reviews, we started at the bottom of the search rankings for our services – behind all those other contractors who had joined ahead of us.

Fast forward about 12 months later: we were coming up at the top of the search rankings in three different home improvement categories! Our Angie’s List representative told us that he doesn’t think any other contractor IN THE COUNTRY has risen to the top in three different categories:

So what’s been our secret to becoming top-ranked on this independent review site – and doing it so rapidly? Truthfully, there’s no secret (unless you consider working hard a secret). We just do the very best job we can and deliver the very best results. Our customers take care of the rest by leaving happy reviews for us.

Angie’s List SuperService Awards

Angie's list 2014

Not only did we jump to top ranking, we also earned 3 Angie’s List SuperService Awards. These awards are earned by less than 5% of all contractors nationwide. Many companies are thrilled to win just one. We earned 3 for being a top Las Vegas remodeler.

Can I See Your Angie’s List Reviews and Rating?

That all depends if you are a member of Angie’s List. They only allow members to view and post reviews. While this has some drawbacks, it also means the people leaving reviews on this site take it seriously – after all, they are paying to be a part of this online review community.

It makes us proud to have top ratings in three categories from the reviews of such discerning homeowners! If you are an Angie’s List member or want to join, you can go here to see our reviews.

Do we sound like the kind of company you’d like to do business with? If so, we’d be honored to give you a free consultation and quote.