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Transform Your Bathroom Into Something You Love

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After you cut through all the claims and sales pitches surrounding bathroom remodels, what really matters is a hassle-free service experience and beautiful results.

That’s why we have excellent online reviews – because we deliver what we promise. We’re the right choice for a Las Vegas bathroom remodel if you demand the best quality at reasonable prices.

What’s our secret – what process do we use to assure quality?

We have a team of design and installation experts that know how to deliver a professional bathroom remodeling experience. And this team works within a system that makes sure we deliver the results we promise.

We also hold ourselves accountable, including a free inspection a year AFTER we completed your bathroom remodel. Even if you haven’t called us with a problem, we want to come by and make sure you are still pleased with everything.

Our Process For Delivering Top-Quality Las Vegas Bathroom Remodels:

Free Consultation. If you have hesitated to call a Las Vegas bathroom contractor because you don’t want to get hammered by a salesperson, you are going to be pleasantly surprised by your experience with Home Masters.

Instead of seeing the consultation as a chance to “sell, sell, sell,” we see it as a chance to “listen, educate, and recommend.” The bottom line is we are there to make this process easier for you. Even if you decide not to do business with us, our goal is to at least get you information that helps you make an educated decision.

Some things you can expect during your bathroom remodel consultation:

Professional Quality Design. For larger bathrooms, we have staff designers that have college degrees in interior design. These professionals will be your advocates and guides in getting the beautiful bathroom you want.

Also for larger bathrooms, we can create a 3D rendering of how your bathroom remodel will look when finished. This special design software will give you a 360⁰ view and you can give us feedback. This is something homeowners love! If you are unsure of this process, this is the key to really seeing how it will look and getting excited about the results.

Any bathroom, big or small, will be well-planned and designed for superb results.

Product Selection. You can pick out everything yourself or we’re happy to shop with or for you. Get as much or as little guidance as you want.

We are skilled at recommending products that suit your tastes and budget.

High-Quality Installation. We have experienced installers that are our own employees – not sub-contractors. (We do use experienced, proven sub-contractors who we have worked with for years for certain limited aspects of your remodel. For example, electrical work).

Compare this to some Las Vegas bathroom remodeling companies that are sales companies that then sub-contract out the entire job to the lowest bidder. That’s risky. Or you can select us and get experienced installers accountable to Home Masters.

We also have quality control built-in to our installation process. That’s why we insist on having a superintendent in charge of your project to make sure everything goes right. We also have a hands-on owner known for visiting job sites frequently.

Will You Ever See Your Bathroom Remodeler Again? – When your project is done and the final walk through has been completed, will you ever see your bathroom remodeler again? With us, the answer is YES. We have a free anniversary inspection a year after your project is complete.

If anything needs tightened or adjusted, we’ll do it. If there is anything more significant, we will of course take care of that. As far as we know, we’re the only Las Vegas bathroom remodeling company that makes this specific promise to come back a year later to make sure everything is still awesome.

If you want to take the worry, uncertainty, and stress out of the bathroom remodeling process, contact Home Masters.

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