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BEFORE Making A Decision

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That old saying “you get what you pay for” is true. Especially in home improvement – when you pay less you typically get less.

But there are some exceptions to this rule. And happily, one of those exceptions is available to Las Vegas homeowners shopping for a top-quality walk-in tub. Home Masters will get you a better tub for less money.

Why You Should Be Careful About Selecting A Walk-In Tub Company

If you are shopping for a walk-in tub here in the Las Vegas area, you might have noticed there’s no shortage of companies offering to sell you one.

But here’s something you might not realize. Many of the companies that sell them are actually big, national corporations with no strong local connections.

A list of potential issues with national companies:

We’re not saying that every other walk-in tub company is terrible, but buyers do need to be cautious. At the very least, give us a call and hear about our pricing and quality BEFORE you make a decision.

Package Pricing Vs Menu Pricing

Here’s how we can offer great quality tubs at better prices: we don’t force you to buy extras you don’t want.

As we mentioned above, it is pretty common for many walk-in tub companies to sell tubs as packages. For instance, they come with special lighting, a radio, an inline heater… even aromatherapy accessories! Now all that is fine if you want it – and we’ll certainly offer the add-ons you want.

What we object to is that these “fully-loaded” packages are often the only choice. If you don’t want it, why pay for it?

That’s why we use menu pricing. You select ONLY what you want – you’re in control and don’t have to pay for what you won’t use anyway.

Next Step

Give us a call for a free consultation. There’s no risk and we don’t use high-pressure sales tactics. You can get information and make an educated decision.

One homeowner we met with recently told us he’d met with several Las Vegas Walk-In Tub companies and was “blown away” by how much less we were for the same or better quality. This is not an unusual reaction from homeowners who compare us to others… so give us a call!