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Don’t Settle For Bland Service & Results.

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Why Choose US

When you make an investment in improving your home, you should expect great service and top quality results.

But – let’s face it – sometimes homeowners are willing to accept ordinary because finding a top-quality remodeling company that consistently delivers the best results is harder than it should be.

We’re here to say: you do not have to settle for “blah.” You can get a company that makes real promises and then keeps them.

For example, we won’t apply sales pressure. And we’ll come back in a year to re-inspect your project. We also promise your installation team will be friendly, experienced professionals.

If you are looking for a PROVEN company that does what it says, welcome to Home Masters. Below you’ll discover more about why homeowners choose us.

Top Reasons To Choose Us

No Sales Pressure

We know that many home improvement companies have a reputation for long-winded sales presentation and high-pressure sales tactics. That is most definitely NOT our way. We give you a consultation and quote for free, and then you decide.

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Anniversary Inspection

Have you heard of nightmare stories where a contractor doesn’t get the job done right and then ducks phone calls and never makes it right? We are the exact opposite. Not only do we make sure you are satisfied at project’s end, we also come by a year later to check our work again.

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Honest Quotes

We don’t play pricing games. No confusing discount offers. No “buy right NOW or you won’t get our best price.” We think homeowners deserve a straightforward quote presented in a professional way.

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Rock-Solid Installation

Our installation team sets us apart. They hold to the highest standards and they don’t take shortcuts. We have a superintendent who closely monitors the project as it progresses. We also get comments all the time from homeowners about the friendly attitude of our installation team.

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You’ll be given the direct phone number of owner Mort Winer. If you have concerns, call him. He promises all his customers a prompt, appropriate response to any question or issue.

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Those are some great reasons to choose us. You should also check out our Reputation page. You’ll discover that others have been thrilled when they choose Home Masters.