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Local, Hands-On Ownership = Accountability

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A Message from Mort Winer, Owner:

I’ve been working in the home improvement field ever since my grandfather put me to work at age 9. I love this business, and I love helping people make their homes better.

And I’ve learned a thing or two along the way about what makes for a successful business. After decades of doing this, I can tell you there is one bedrock rule I’ve learned: be accountable to your customers.

That’s why my business has so much accountability built right into it.

Some examples:

The reason we have these policies in place is simple: accountability is too important to be left to chance. I make sure we have built-in processes that keep us accountable to those we serve.

Proof That Accountability Works

If you want proof that we do what we say, I recommend visiting our Reputation page. There you’ll find out why we are known as “The Local Company With The Great Reviews.” We’ve flat-out proven that when you are accountable to your customers, they are not shy about spreading the word.

If you want to be our next happy customer, I’d be honored if you gave us a call for a free consultation and quote.