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Great Installation Is NOT An Accident.

Our Experienced Installers Use Proven Methods On Every Project.

Rock Solid Installation

It’s a question you might be asking yourself as you think through your home improvement project: how can a homeowner who doesn’t have ‘insider knowledge’ accurately judge the quality of a company’s installers?

Definitely an important question, because a poor installation will cause way too much stress and end in disappointing results.

The good news is there are concrete, specific things you can look to that will that will “tell the tale” about a contractor.

Here’s What To Look For:

Experienced Installers.

Find out the overall level of experience of the company’s installers. It doesn’t have to be decades for every employee, but it should be a level that makes you comfortable.

Also, be sure to ask questions about their process. Do they even have one? What you want to hear is that they have a consistent set of standards that all their installers know and follow.

If you get halting answers or it sounds like they “wing it” on each new project, that’s a sign to look elsewhere.

Do They Have Employees?

Our installers are not subcontractors – they work as Home Master employees. This way we maintain complete control of standards, schedules, training and the on-site behavior of the installers at your home. We treat our people well, and avoid the massive turnover that is so common in this industry.

Note: For certain limited aspects of remodels, we will use sub-contractors. See the next point to understand why.

Proof #3 Good Sub-Contracting Vs. Bad Sub-Contracting.

If your job involves major plumbing or electrical work, we will use a sub-contractor for that portion of the project. But here’s something you should know: we have go-to guys that we have relied on for years and we know the quality of their work and standards. This is the right way to sub-contract.

Many companies choose to do it the wrong way. For instance, some companies just sell a job, then bid out each part of it to the lowest bidder, and pocket the difference. Guess how those projects usually go.

Other companies will use some of their own people, but then will sub-contract out the rest without actually having a trusted business relationship with the sub-contractor. That’s called rolling the dice.

In short, sub-contracting can make sense if it is used in limited circumstances, and sub-contractors with a long-standing, proven record are used.

Proof #4 Supervision.

The first thing you should determine is do they have a superintendent responsible for quality control. We do have a superintendent in charge of your project to make sure everything goes right.

Also, look for involved, experienced ownership. Here’s why: no one cares about a business as much as the owner – no one else has as much to lose. This means you should look for a business with an owner who visits job sites. It’s a sign that the owner is committed to holding his team accountable and doing their best work.

Proof #5: Judge The Overall Professionalism Of The Company.

Every company sends out all kinds of clues about what they are really like. And you can bet that these signals will indicate the overall quality of the installation.

Does their website look professional? Are they showing up for the initial appointment in a beat-up old truck and handing you a wrinkled business card? Can they easily answer questions about their installation team (do they even have a team)?

If your gut is leaving you feeling unsure or uneasy, that’s a pretty good sign that the quality of the install is going to be disappointing.

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